Rising travel fever and to Syria.

19 Mar

We are back now to Finland for more then 3 years, but believe me the fever of leaving again never goes away.

Helsinki is a great place to live, quiet, peaceful,safe, modern,clean and Finns can be great fun but life remains concentrated on work.

When you backpack, you are free. Yes! You got to worry about where you gonna sleep and the budget and all that but you are free to move on from a place to another.

Working hard here and making a good life surely does not compensate on the love to travel! Sadly, in life it is either or.

We have been dreaming both to travel again since we had a great experience during that year, we got tired, broke, exchausted, dirty but we made so many friends, so many experiences.

One of these experiences that will never leave both our memories is in Syria, a country where we were lucky to visit in Peace time before the regime starts oppressing it’s people and killing them. Syria was the heaven of history!

Syria, has so much historical sites that will impress you for life and they were empty, tourism is not so high in there and that memory when we were visiting Serjilla, one of marvellous places there where we managed to get to that forgotten ghost city via a hitchhike with a local and then on the way back, we ended up riding in a huge truck that stopped in the middle of a highway, the driver was doing trips between Iraq and Syria. The driver stopped in the middle of a highway and gave us a ride back to ur destination.

Syrians are sweet and nice people, generous and loving. We remember them and their beautiful country and wish that peace will come back and they succeed in their long  awaited Arab spring!

As for Helsinki, we had amazing years since we came back, new jobs, experiences, a new home and cats. I leave below few pictures of our winter and our cats with a promise to write again from our home here and incoming trips.

More pictures to be published soon.



One Response to “Rising travel fever and to Syria.”

  1. Miss Footloose March 20, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    I know all about the travel itch! We were in the US for three years and now we live in Moldova for a while. We’ve not been to Syria, but we did live in Ramallah, Palestine for almost two years, and visited Jordan. Middle Eastern/Arab people are lovely and so very hospitable. It is tragic to see what is happening in Syria now.

    I hope you get a chance to go somewhere exciting again!

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